Tutoring is Rewarding.

In this post, Siana Bangura tells us why she enjoys spending her time tutoring – and why the rewards are often more than just the fee per hour.


It will come as no surprise to you when I say that many tutors enter the profession from the casual need for some extra income – some extra pocket money, whilst they are students themselves. And sure, for some it remains a casual ‘thing’ to go back to when the need arises – a good way to make use of those GCSEs, A Levels, and that Degree of course. However, there is an increasing number of tutors who make a living from such work, who dedicate full-time hours to it, and who make it their profession, and why not? You are pretty much the master of your own hours, so long as you make them work with the needs, wants, and availability of your client. It is likely that everyday is not the same either and for anybody like myself who finds that routine can be mundane, that is an attractive prospect and an added bonus!

But beyond all the obvious perks, tutoring is an extremely rewarding way to spend an hour or two every week (if you’re not that rare breed of full-time tutor). For those who for one reason or another decide to not go into teaching as a profession, tutoring can satisfy that itch to pass on knowledge and just… help. I promise I’m not being self-righteous, but you get a real satisfaction from knowing you’ve been a bit helpful on your weekend. One of my recent tutees was a girl who needed some last minute creative assistance with her Art A Level. We spent over two hours philosophising about ‘identity’ in creative spaces and discussing how people find themselves through art. It was enjoyable, mostly because my tutee wasn’t usually into discussing her work or the concepts and inspiration behind it. She said she found talking about art difficult so she just created. However, by the end of our discussion she had created a fantastic plan for her final piece and could not wait to get her friend over to be photographed and whatnot.

So indeed, tutoring can be a rewarding way to spend your time and it’s not just about the extra ‘pocket money’. For some of us, it’s more so about the things you can’t measure in pound sterling.


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